Advance Excel helps you to solve complex things in excel. It has ability to manage data of lakhs with the help of advance level function and features of Excel like power query, power map, asap features, advance data filters and so on so for a person who Handel’s miss of large level has very significant use of advance Excel as working hours it help data proficiency and reduce.

Formulas & Macros Formulas

  • Use the Function Wizard, Common functions (AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COURT, ROUND, INT)
  • Nested functions, Name cells/ranges/ constants
  • Relative, Absolute, Mixed cell references : >,<,= operators
  • Logical functions using IF, AND, OR, NOT
  • The LOOKUP function, Date and time functions, Annotating formulas

DATA  Analysis

  • Sub Total Reports, Auto Filter
  • Password Protecting Worksheets
  • Linking Multiple Sheets
  • Sheet Referencing
  • Linking Between Word/Excel/PowerPoint
  • What-if-analysis, GOAL SEEK
  • Reporting
  • Character Functions
  • Date Functions
  • Age Calculations
  • Consolidation of Data
  • Data Validation


  • Definition and use, Record a macro
  • Assign a macro, Run a macro
  • Store a macro, Introduction to VBA Programming

Develop the Worksheet

  • Plan a worksheet, Row and Column labels
  • Split worksheet/box /bar, copy data and formulas
  • Display /move toolbars, Enhance worksheet Appearance

Special Operations

  • Use multi windows : Copy/ paste between Worksheets
  • Link worksheets , Consolidate Worksheets
  • Import and link from other Applications
  • Use AutoFormat : Create, use and modify styles and templates
  • Print features : Create /edit an outline

Graphic Operations

  • Create charts, Enhance charts, Drawing toolbar features

Job Opportunity after Advance Excel

  • MIS Executive
  • Data Analyst
  • Back Office Executive Manager
  • MIS Business Analyst
  • HR Executive
  • MIS Excel Executive
  • Sales Analytics
  • Business Analyst